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14th June 2023 - KS3 athletes win 19 medals at District Tournament.

30th March 2023 - Year 6 Netball Team Wins Silver Medal in District Tournament - results below.

22nd March 2023 - Year 7 Netball Team win District Tournament - results below.

17th February 2023 - Year 5 Netball Team crowned District Champions.

3rd January 2023 - Year 8 and Year 7 Girls teams finish 2nd and 3rd in Athletics Tournament.

5th December 2022 - Parkside win the Year 7 District Football Tournament - results below.

30th June 2022 - Parkside pupil Lailah Steptoe wins shot-put Gold.

21st June 2022 - KS2 athletes emulate KS3 athletes success by winning 13 medals.

25th May 2022 - Parkside pupils win Gold and Silver Medals in District Orienteering Competition.

28th March 2022 - Under 13 Girls Football Team reach the Final of the Worcestershire Cup.

11th January 2022 - Under 13's Football team are EFL Girls Cup Tournament Champions.

Under 13s Champions
Under 13s Champions

Latest Sports Results

DateSportTeamOppositionVenueResultPlayer(s) of the match
13/06/2023FootballYear 8Walkwood ARedditch United FCL2-3
13/06/2023FootballYear 8Birchensale ARedditch United FCW4-1
13/06/2023FootballYear 8Birchensale BRedditch United FCW3-0
13/06/2023FootballYear 7Walkwood BRedditch United FCL1-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 7Birchensale BRedditch United FCL1-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 7Walkwood ARedditch United FCL1-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 7Birchensale ARedditch United FCL0-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 6Walkwood ARedditch United FCD0-0
13/06/2023FootballYear 6Birchensale ARedditch United FCW2-0
13/06/2023FootballYear 6Walkwood BRedditch United FCW6-0
13/06/2023FootballYear 6Birchensale BRedditch United FCL1-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 5Walkwood BRedditch United FCL0-1
13/06/2023FootballYear 5Birchensale BRedditch United FCW2-0
13/06/2023FootballYear 5Birchensale ARedditch United FCL0-2
13/06/2023FootballYear 5Walkwood ARedditch United FCD0-0
08/06/2023NetballYear 8Waseley HillaWaseley HillsW4-3Ava Hatch
08/06/2023NetballYear 7/8Waseley HillaWaseley HillsW7-5Poppy Cogswell
08/06/2023NetballYear 8Waseley HillsWaseley HillsL5-10Ayse Sahin
18/05/2023RoundersYear 6Holy TrinityParksideW14.5-5Jack Currier
18/05/2023RoundersYear 7Holy TrinityParksideW7-5.5Ellie Dentith
18/05/2023RoundersYear 8Holy TrinityParksideL5.5-7Martha Bradley
11/05/2023RugbyYear 8 BoysStudley HighParksideW40-30
11/05/2023FootballKS3 BoysHoly TrinityParksideW2-0
11/05/2023FootballKS3 BoysHoly TrinityParksideL1-3
18/04/2023NetballYear 7The ChantryBromsgrove School - School Games L3-8Round 5
18/04/2023NetballYear 7Holy TrinityBromsgrove School - School Games L3-11Round 4
18/04/2023NetballYear 7King's SchoolBromsgrove School - School Games L3-10Round 3
18/04/2023NetballYear 7Pershore HighBromsgrove School - School Games W6-3Round 2
18/04/2023NetballYear 7St Bede'sBromsgrove School - School Games W11-3Round 1
29/03/2023FootballParkside ASt Johns ASt JohnsL1-7
29/03/2023FootballParkside BSt Johns BSt JohnsL0-1
28/03/2023RugbyYear 7Aston FieldsParksideW30-15Charlie Hanna
22/03/2023NetballYear 7WittonSt Johns - District Netball TournamentW7-0Round 5 - Parkside are District Champions
22/03/2023NetballYear 7St JohnsSt Johns - District Netball TournamentW4-1Round 4
22/03/2023NetballYear 7Aston FieldsSt Johns - District Netball TournamentW2-1Round 3
22/03/2023NetballYear 7CatshillSt Johns - District Netball TournamentW12-0Round 2
22/03/2023NetballYear 7AlvechurchSt Johns - District Netball TournamentD2-2Round 1
17/03/2023RugbyYear 7WittonWittonW30-25Charlie Hanna
17/03/2023Tag RugbyKey Stage 2Aston Fields BBromsgrove SchoolD2-2Keelan Tedstone and Jenson Daley were Players of the Tournament
17/03/2023Tag RugbyKey Stage 2St Johns BBromsgrove SchoolW1-0
17/03/2023Tag RugbyKey Stage 2Aston Fields ABromsgrove SchoolL0-3
17/03/2023Tag RugbyKey Stage 2St Johns ABromsgrove SchoolD2-2
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2Aston Fields BKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival L0-1Rupert Cooke was Player of the Tournament
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2Lickey EndKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival L0-2
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2Aston Fields AKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival W4-0
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2AlvechurchKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival L0-2
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2St Johns BKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival W1-0
17/03/2023HockeyKey Stage 2St Johns AKey Stage 2 Hockey Festival D0-0
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 1Catshill ACatshillD0-0Harry Seager
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 1Catshill BCatshillW3-0Sonny Brindle - scored a hat-trick
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 1Catshill CCatshillD1-1
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 1Catshill DCatshillD1-1
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 2Catshill ACatshillL0-2
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 2Catshill BCatshillD1-1
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 2Catshill CCatshillW1-0
27/01/2023FootballKS2 Boys Team 2Catshill DCatshillW1-0
27/01/2023FootballYear 6 GirlsCatshill ACatshillW5-0
27/01/2023FootballYear 6 GirlsCatshill BCatshillL0-1
27/01/2023FootballYear 5 GirlsCatshill ACatshillL0-2
27/01/2023FootballYear 5 GirlsCatshill BCatshillW1-0