UKMT Maths Challenge - Parkside pupils win 5 gold, 13 silver and 21 bronze certificates.
Parkside has recently received an excellent Quality Mark visit and report.
Parkside Middle School has been awarded Thrive Ambassador School status.

logo 2015b Parkside Staff List

Mr N. Mills
Mrs N. Mancini Deputy Headteacher, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & Assessment
Mrs R. Jenkin Deputy Headteacher, DSL, Behaviour, Inclusion & Welfare 
Mrs Z. Brittle Assistant Headteacher, Assessment & Head of KS3 Maths
Miss R. Sumner
Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum & Disadvantaged Learners & DPO
Mrs J. Terrey KS3 Curriculum Manager, Careers Leader & Head of Reading
Mrs R. Cox KS2 Curriculum Manager & Head of KS2 Maths
Mr J. Durnall
Curriculum Manager & Head of KS3 English
Mr S. Swaffield Pastoral Manager & Deputy DSL
Mrs S. Persich Assistant Pastoral Manager & Head of MFL
Mrs M. Moffatt SENDCo
Miss R. Datson Leader of Mainstream Autism base
Mrs K. Varley Welfare Manager & Deputy DSL
YEAR 5 TEAM - Leader Miss N. O'Hara
Miss S. Large
Head of KS2 Learning Journey
Miss H. Pickett Head of Expressive Arts
Mrs J. Papadopoulos
Head of STEM
Mrs V. Dallaway  
Miss J. Nuttall
Head of Humanities
Mrs R. Manning  
YEAR 6 TEAM - Leader Miss A. Youster
Mrs K. Wright
Head of KS2 English 
Miss E. O'Hara Lead Intervention Teacher
Mrs A. Young
Head of Humanities
Mrs S. Cheuk  Head of KS3 Art
Mr J. Durnall 
YEAR 7 TEAM - Leader Miss A. Field
Miss V. Salkeld  
Miss A. Field Head of Personal Development
Mrs R. Williams Head of Music
Miss K. Brown-Williams  
YEAR 8 TEAM - Leader Miss E. Doherty
Mr S. Jones
Head of PE
Miss K. Nuttall Head of Computing
Mrs E. Doherty
Head of Science
Miss L. Ford Head of KS3 Design Technology
Miss N. O'Hara
Lead Thrive Practitioner and Parents Partnerships
Mrs H. Devereux
Mrs P. Hill  
Miss C. Wallis  
Miss E. Clews Mrs L. Ellis Miss T. Kenny  Miss K. Pearce
Mrs S. Westwood Mrs F. Cimorosti Mrs J. Mogg  Mrs S. Wigley
Mr T. Boyd  
Mrs A. Longbottom School Business Manager Miss G. Hall Intervention Family Support
Mrs A. Browning Finance Officer Mrs S. Fletcher Senior Administration Officer
Miss K. Ratcliffe Administration Assistant Mrs P. Askew Attendance Assistant
Mrs K. Gunn Inclusion & Assessment Admin Mr I. Aston ICT Technician
Mrs K. Vincent Librarian Ms S. Grennan Librarian
Mrs E. Dallaway SEND Administrator Miss B. Padley Science Technician
Mrs J. Crump Mrs B. Gorton Mrs L. Lunnon  Mrs L. Cockwill
Miss C. Spence  Mrs L. Hake Ms V. Blake