National Numeracy Day

22 May 2024

As part of National Numeracy Day, the whole school took part in a variety of activities.  During registration, pupils were able to consider how different people use maths in their everyday lives and in in their different careers; showing that number skills are needed throughout the day! 

As part of Maths lessons, year 5 looked at financial maths and budgeting, year 7 looked at how maths skills are used by a filmmaker and year 8 looked at buying a car with finance understanding the interest rates and depreciation.  KS3 pupils also looked at the importance of achieving a grade 4 in Maths at GCSE for their future careers, what ever these may be!  Some brilliant discussions were held across the school.

The National Numeracy Day shopping task was a great success in year 5. 

Nilia said “Me and Esmai felt we sometimes struggle but we worked as a team and felt proud of what we did”. 

“Ruby added “I found working out the total easiest”. 

When asked, most of the children said they enjoyed the maths lesson this afternoon.