Key Stage 3 Netball Reports

29 January 2024

Netball match Vs Catshill 29th January

Our three Key Stage 3 netball teams displayed an outstanding performance as they hosted Catshill and sealed victories across all of their matches. The home advantage seemed to fuel the team’s determination, and despite playing in a variety of positions, the pupils showcased remarkable adaptability and teamwork. The victories secured by each team were nothing short of immense, underscoring the depth of their skills and the effectiveness of their strategic play. The versatility exhibited by the players in different positions further emphasised their well-rounded abilities, making the overall success a testament to their dedication, hard work and cohesive team work on the netball court. A special mention to Nefeli Diasakos who was chosen as player of the match.

Year 8 netball match Vs RGS Dodderhill – 23rd January

Our two Year 8 netball teams showcased remarkable adaptability and teamwork during their recent matches. Despite being split into two groups and playing in a variety of positions without their usual team mates, both teams displayed impressive versatility on the court. Their collective effort resulted in outstanding victories, with scores of 10-4 and 12-1. The players’ ability to seamlessly adjust to new roles and collaborate effectively highlights the depth of their skills. These triumphs stand as testament to their resilience and cohesive spirit that defines their netball prowess.

Year 7 Netball match – 23rd January

In an electrifying netball match that kept all substitutes and spectators on the edge of their seats, both teams exhibited exceptional netball skills and determination that defined the essence of the sport. The closely contested battle unfolded with alternating goals, creating an intense and nail-biting atmosphere. The score remained tight throughout, with neither team holding a lead of more than two goals at any point. The spirited competition reached its peak in the last quarter, where despite out team’s valiant efforts, Dodderhill managed to secure a two-goal advantage, sealing their victory. Despite the outcome, the girls’ collective performance was truly commendable, and their teamwork made us extremely proud. We are immensely proud of their efforts and display of sportsmanship throughout the fiercely fought match.