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Parkside has recently received an excellent Quality Mark visit and report.
Parkside Middle School has been awarded Thrive Ambassador School status.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is woven into the ethos of the school. Pupils reflect deeply about their own and others’ experiences and use them to inform their perspective on life in order to develop respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values. They have a keen interest in moral and ethical issues and act in a principled manner, understanding the consequences of their behaviour and actions.

They have a sense of enjoyment and fascination about the world around them and embrace new experiences which broaden their understanding. They engage enthusiastically in artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities. This is firmly rooted in the school’s vision and ethos of promoting inclusion and a cohesive community.

RE is enjoyed by pupils and ensures that they understand, respect and celebrate the diversity of faiths and cultures in modern Britain. This is enhanced by visitors to the school and inspirational visits to art galleries, museums and places of worship, such as a Gurdwara, Hindu Temple and Methodist Centre. Through the delivery of Humanities, SEAL, Creative Curriculum and assemblies, pupils are imaginative and creative in their learning and are able to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others.

Pupils learn acceptance and engagement with the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the role of civil and criminal law in England. This prepares them to be tolerant and live in a diverse society. As a result they are able to demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.

The school offers extensive opportunities for pupils to participate in a variety of communities and social settings including: local residential homes and hospices, toddler groups and nurseries, community action groups and work with local businesses. Pupils are encouraged to share and take responsibility for exemplary behaviour and conduct. The school elects Head Boys and Girls, prefects, house captains, peer mentors, ‘helping hands’, a school council, an eco-council and sports leaders. This has a wide-ranging and positive impact on their personal development, behaviour and well-being.

Parkside Pupils perform at Dance Festival

On Wednesday 10th April 2019 Parkside Pupils showcased their ideas, choreography and dance skills at South Bromsgrove High School.
They were participating in the North Worcestershire Dance Festival. Well done girls!

Dance Festival

Culture Day - 7th December 2018
Vijay (our workshop leader - pictured) was very good at teaching every pupil how to learn the Bhangra dance. A style of danced formed together in the 1940s and has evolved since. It originated as a folk dance celebrated during the time of the harvest. Bhangra is traditionally danced to the dhol instrument, a large drum, and boliyan, short sets of lyrics that describe scenes or stories from Punjab.

The children and staff all had a fantastic day and the buzz for learning around school was amazing.  


Superschools 2018

Thank you for the fantastic efforts of all the pupils who participated in the 2018 Superschools event. The atmosphere was amazing and all the pupils worked hard during the physical activities, showing Alex Grinter what great athletes we have here at Parkside.

Alex, who competes in Parkour events all over the country, completed an awesome demonstration for the pupils. The pupils were definitely impressed by many of his stunts and moves and many pupils requested further stunts from him, which he willingly obliged. 

This year has been our best year for sponsorships, collected by the pupils. The pupils have managed to raise a staggering £2345, which will provide both Superschools with funds to support a budding athlete and for use here at Parkside to support all our pupils. Many thanks to all those who worked hard on the day, participated in the activities, raised sponsorships and to the sports leaders who virtually ran the whole event.
Superschools1IMG 3492

British Values and Iconic Music Inspiration Morning

On Wednesday 28th March, we held a British values and iconic music inspiration morning. During this time, each year group focused on the five British values and produced a piece of work expressing why Britain is so great and why diversity and multiculturalism is so important.  

For the second half of the morning, each year group were given an iconic band or singer to explore thinking about how they’re creativity and lyrics changed music through the decades. These included: The Spice girls and The Rolling Stones for Year 5; Queen and The Beatles for Year 6; Oasis and Elton John for Year 7; David Bowie and Led Zeppelin for Year 8.  The pupils used what they learnt to produce a piece of art celebrating the legends they had explored.

“I really enjoyed learning about what music was like in the 1980’s as my dad always talked about what he listened to when he was young and it was great to hear some of the music he would’ve enjoyed.” (Year 6 pupil)

“We have never done an inspiration day for music and art before and I enjoyed exploring different musical talents that I had never heard of”. (Year 8 pupil)


Visit to the Palace Theatre

On Tuesday 6th February, 65 pupils from Years 5-8 were lucky to secure tickets to go to the Palace Theatre in Redditch, to watch a special performance by the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. The conductor was extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and inspiring; he introduced pupils to the different instruments and sections of the orchestra, as well as demonstrating how improvisation blends with the rules of jazz music, to make it a truly individual, creative and exciting genre.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance and had several opportunities to interact with the orchestra/music on stage. It was truly inspiring to see such a talented group of young people.

Theatre in Education group White Sock visit Year 7 pupils

On Friday, 26th January 2018, Year 7 were lucky to have the Theatre in Education group 'White Socks' come into school for a performance and workshop entitled 'Borrowed Time'. The performance was commissioned by the Illegal Money Lending service, to raise awareness about loan sharks and illegal money-lending. Pupils were provided with the opportunity to engage and recognise the relevance of this issue, through the medium of forum theatre, as part of their SEAL lesson. Pupils were enthused after the performance; we will be following this performance with some additional reflection in their SEAL lessons.

Theatre in Education group Round Midnight visit Year 8 pupils
On Thursday, 11th January 2018, we welcomed the Theatre in Education group Round Midnight into school to perform an interactive play called 'Cutting Ties' to our Year 8 pupils. The aim of the play was to educate about the facts, risks and the reasons as to why young people carry knives. The performance and workshop invited pupils to sit in on a conversation with Mia and her teacher after she is found in school with a knife. Mia explained the story from the beginning, telling how a solid friendship between herself, Aidan and Luke quickly turned sour as they embarked upon adolescence and Aidan fell in with the wrong crowd. The actors encouraged our pupils to focus on the vulnerabilities, relationships and consequences of the characters’ actions, which all led up to the climactic moment where a knife is brought in to school.

Our Year 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic format of the performance, which allowed them to engage with the relevant and serious topic that it covered. They were informed about why this issue is relevant to them, and were able to identify who they could go to if they needed help with issues relating to knives in the future. They were shocked to learn some statistics relevant to the West Midlands, and were encouraged to think carefully about the social choices that they make, with specific reference to the use of social media and peer pressure. We look forward to welcoming Round Midnight back in the near future!