TTRS Battle of the Bands October 2023

06 November 2023

Well done to all the pupils that have taken part in the first ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rock Stars of the academic year.  An overwhelming response from the pupils with 254 pupils from KS2 taking part in the battles and 302,945 correct times table questions answered throughout the battle! 

The winning bands were Artic Money, Pump Up the Volume, Little Mixed Numbers, Number Souls and Rocktagons.  With year 5 beating year 6.

See below for the full results and highest earners in each band (Rock Star avatar names!)

The next battles commence in the Spring Term… ENGLAND ROCKS COMING SOON!

It is really important that the pupils know their times tables and division facts fluently, so please encourage your child to keep practising and playing on TTRS every week!