Real Life Maths Showcase

04 July 2023

On the afternoon of Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July, Year 5 excitedly welcomed their parents to showcase their Real-Life Maths work.  During the summer term, the pupils have applied their Maths knowledge to plan and organise a party.  

Whilst at the showcase, parents were given the opportunity to explore the Real-Life Maths concepts and knowledge with their child.  Pupils used their oracy skills to confidentially discuss the work they have been doing. This included eating the cookies made by the pupils, measuring 100ml of squash, investigating ratio of marshmallows and calculating area, perimeter and volume of given shapes. 

The hall was buzzing with enthusiasm and pupils really enjoyed this experience. 

Parents commented:

“It has been lovely to come in this afternoon and take a look at what they have been learning about in Real-Life Maths”. 

“Ruby and Willow did a great job of showing me around”. 

“It has been great to see Maisie talk enthusiastically about her school, lessons and learning. A really powerful thing for us parents. Thanks”. 

“Fantastic choice of motivation using marshmallows and cookies. I’ve never seen children so keen to talk about maths!”