Blackwell Adventure Day

09 November 2023

On Thursday 9th November, Year 5 were given the opportunity to apply many of our Parkside Values during an activities day to Blackwell Adventure.  There was a great deal of resilience demonstrated by pupils overcoming their fears whilst others showed kindness and compassion; supporting their peers during the different activities.  

Some pupils in year 5 said: 

“The Archery was my favourite thing to do. I would love for school to have an Archery Club,” Joe. 

“I really liked the Giant Zipwire – especially as I got to go upside down. Also Crate Stack was good because it was all about teamwork,” Bessie.

“The whole trip was very fun and I would highly recommend you to go,” Nicole.

As a school, we are incredibly proud of the pupils achievements and how well they represented Parkside whilst on the trip