Coronavirus Update
Parkside Middle School is now closed, with notable exceptions, in line with government guidelines.

Our Guidance for Year 6 Parents on Re-Opening Parkside document can be found in our Letters to Parents page.

The Home Learning letters are available via the Home Learning button below.

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Year 8 Physical Education


In P.E. this term, we introduce the concept of pupil-led learning in order to prepare pupils for the expectations of PE in High School. Taking wider roles than just participation, leading small groups and taking the opportunity of being a sports leader is at forefront of the curriculum. In P.E. there are continued opportunities to further develop the pupils' understanding of invasion games through the sports of football, rugby and netball, with a focus on higher level tactical awareness in game situations.


In the penultimate term in P.E. we challenge the pupils to use concepts and theories familiar to GCSE Physical Education. Pupils will further refine techniques enabling them to lead small groups and coach pupils in earlier Key Stages through the sports of basketball, hockey, gymnastics and health related fitness.


In the Summer Term, the main focus areas in P.E are: athletics, rounders, cricket and orienteering. There is a key focus on working as part of a team and taking part in problem-solving activities. The pupils will use their knowledge of officiating and organising sport in situations such as running the Key Stage 2 sports day along with supporting First Schools in their sports transition afternoons.