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Covid 19 Self-Testing at Home for Key Stage 3 pupils.

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Behaviour Support

Behaviour Statement

At Parkside we believe that good behaviour is essential to allow all our pupils to achieve their full potential. Good behaviour promotes effective learning. All members of the school community have an important role to play in its success through the consistent application of agreed rules, systems and procedures. Our Positive Behaviour & Attitudes Policy fully supports the aims of the school. We firmly believe that pupils enjoy a disciplined and happy atmosphere in which to work. This can only be established by staff, governors, parents and the pupils working together to create a relationship of mutual respect regardless of race, religion and culture.

The Positive Behaviour & Attitudes Policy Covid Update can be found here.
The New Achievement Codes can be found here.
Explaination of Behaviour Codes can be found here.
Written Statement of Behaviour Principles can be found here.

Our school has a set of Golden, non-negotiable Rules which will be regularly referred to in assembly and in class. These rules are non-negotiable.

  • We always demonstrate respect.
  • We always wear the correct uniform with pride.
  • We are polite, kind and look after each other.
  • We walk around the school quietly and never push or shove.
  • We keep our corridors and classrooms tidy.
  • We only ever use appropriate language.
  • Physical aggression will not be tolerated.
  • We do not tolerate bullying or discrimination.
  • We do not use our mobile phones on the school premises.
  • No chewing gum.
  • We only drink still water (can be flavoured) from a reusable bottle – no coloured or fizzy drinks are allowed.
  • We always bring our planner to class.

Clear sanctions and boundaries exist so that all pupils know the consequences of 'poor behaviour'.

These include detentions, referral to a stage, time out of class and being sent to the PSU or in more severe cases being sent to the Deputy Head teachers or Head teacher.

Extremely poor behaviour will always be reported to the parents, and the Headteacher and staff.

Behaviour Summary - Spring Term

At the end of an extremely long but extremely successful Spring Term I am delighted to announce further success for our pupils. A new Spring Term record for achievement points across the school was set for a second term running, seeing a phenomenal average improvement of over 25 achievement points per pupil from last year.

The class competition was fiercely contested with 5JN just winning the trophy by 22 points from 5SL. Miss Nuttall will now be planning a class reward for her form. Well done 5JN!

Behaviour Spring 2019

Two records in two terms. The challenge is set to make it three from three!

Mr S Swaffield

Pastoral Manager

Behaviour Summary - Autumn Term

I am pleased to announce a record breaking term for achievement points at Parkside surpassing last year’s record by over 3000 points! Huge congratulations to all pupils for their outstanding conduct and commitment throughout the Autumn Term.

Each half term the top 8 pupils in each Year Group earn a reward this term the pupils have enjoyed a cinema afternoon and an electronics reward.  8KN became the first ever KS3 class to win the class achievement point trophy this term. A great team effort earned them an incredible 4480 points!


We have set the standard let’s see if we can break more records in the Spring Term!!

Mr Swaffield

Pastoral manager

Behaviour Summary - 2017-18

With the new behaviour and achievement point system in place for its second academic year I am very proud and pleased to announce a record breaking year in all Year groups. The pupils at Parkside have continued to be successful individually, as form groups and as a full school.

A special mention goes to Carla Cox who set a new Parkside record in achieving 460 achievement points over the school year and receives the gold award. Silver award winners were Finley Everton-Carr & Lotte Seager. Bronze award winners were William Hicks, Evie Darlow and Jack Purshall.

Each half term the top 8 achievement point earners in each Year group have earned a school reward such as a trip to Pizza Express, DVD, ICT hour, extended lunch, free time and a trip to Sanders Park. It has been pleasing to see a wide range of children earning these rewards. On top of this there has been a class competition where 6AY, 6EO earned the class trophy each term.

The challenge continues for 2018-2019 where we aim to break our records again!

YEAR 5 9087 7713 11370 28170
YEAR 6 8075 7675 9319 25069
YEAR 7 6956 7099 6767 20822
YEAR 8 6004 6525 9893 22422

Parkside Social Awareness Inspiration Day 2018Social Awareness 3

On 13th July, over 10 professional speakers gave up their daily work to help Parkside Middle School deliver the annual Social Awareness Day. A range of topics were covered from electrical safety, anxiety, positive mental health, financial planning, anti-bullying, emotional intelligence, healthy relationships and safety messages from the police and fire service.

The pupils were a credit to us and fully embraced the purpose of the day, learning some valuable life lessons.

As a school we would like to thank all of our visitors for making the day such a success. We hope to welcome you all next year!

Reward Trip to Pizza Express

The top 8 children in each year group who received the most achievement points during the Autumn term were rewarded to a trip to Pizza Express on Thursday 19th October 2017.

The trip included the chef showing how to make a famous, Italian class: the Margherita. Everyone had a chance to knead the dough to create the perfect base and then topped their creations with toppings. They then got to eat the Pizza’s that they made themselves.

Year 8 Rewards Day Pizza Express

Social Awareness Day 7th July 2017

Social Awareness Day

On Friday 7th July, Parkside pupils took part in the school’s first ‘Social Awareness day’. As a school we were lucky to acquire the services of over ten external agencies and professional companies who planned bespoke sessions to deliver to our pupils.
A wide range of topics were covered including tackling bullying, advice on staying safe, healthy relationships, positive mental health, anxiety management, managing emotions, physical wellbeing, emotional intelligence and a variety of relaxing techniques such as music for the mind.
It was great to see all of our pupils interacting with our visitors and many positive outcomes were achieved throughout the day. Our pupils were a real credit to the school and were complimented on their attitudes, collaboration and behaviour by all of our visitors. Well done to everyone! I would just like to say a final thank you to all of our guest speakers for volunteering their valuable time to help the day to be a resounding success. We hope to plan a similar event next year. Mr Swaffield - Pastoral Manager

Construction Projects

 The construction projects are given to individuals as part of an alternative curriculum programme. Some pupils need time on a one to one basis to discuss both the positives and negatives of the past week.

Pupils during these sessions plan, design and build items from wooden pallets.

“I like construction because I am good at it, it allows me to develop my skills, discuss the last week at school and work on projects I have thought about myself.” (KY YR8 pupil)